A Guide to Gazette Name Change in Bangalore

In the pulsing city of Bangalore Names are more than the syllables. They reflect your social status or professional identity, as well as your legal standing. What happens when you have a name that is not correctly spelled or a alteration in your marital situation or a personal need requires an alteration in your the way you present yourself? The process of changing your name in the gazette in Bangalore can be a means of correcting mistakes and reclaiming the true you.

Understanding the Gazette:

Let’s first understand the actual gazette. It’s not one single entity, but there are several kinds of gazettes:

  • The Karnataka Rajya Patrika: This official publication contains notifications about appointments, government institutions along with legal announcements.
  • The Extraordinary Gazette: This edition provides urgent notices, which include name changes due a variety of exceptional circumstances.
When is a Gazette Name Change Necessary?

There are a variety of scenarios that need a name change for the gazette:

  • Correcting Spelling Errors Incorrect spellings on official documents such as passports, Aadhaar cards or PAN cards could lead to legal and administrative issues. The gazette is a permanent proof that the error was corrected.
  • Wedding Status Changes Women are often able to return to their maiden names following divorce. The publication of this change in the gazette will ensure legal recognition as well as facilitating document revisions.
  • Personal Preferences: You may simply decide to switch your name due to personal reasons. The Gazette formally recognizes the modification and informs the relevant parties.

Navigating the Process:

Let’s get into the details:

  1. Collect Documents Collect the documents required, such as evidence of identity (Aadhaar card) and proof of address (utility bills) and a passport-sized photo and an application form that is available on the internet or at the office of the gazette.
  2. Draft an Affidavit This sworn declaration that is notarized by a magistrate states your intention to alter your address and affirms the new spelling or the name you have chosen.
  3. Newspapers: Advertise your name change in local newspapers to create greater public awareness.

Gazette Booking Offices:

There are two options available to you:

  • Central Gazette Booking System: It is an online marketplace ( : ) simplify the process across all states, including Karnataka.
  • Karnataka State Government Gazette Office: Located at Unit-1, 8th Mile, R.V. Vidyaniketan College Post, Mysore Road, Bangalore – 560059.

Fees and Timings:

Fees differ based on kind of gazette and the time. Online applications are eligible for discounts. Both systems are available during normal time slots for government offices.


  • Contact an attorney to resolve complex cases or to get legal guidance.
  • Keep copies of documents to be used for future references.
  • Update the relevant authorities (banks and passport offices or voter ID) following the publication.

Beyond Legalities: Reclaiming Yourself:

Although the process is governed by documents and legalities but the real value lies in reclaiming your true identity. Be it resolving an issue or reflecting a lifestyle change or simply accepting your brand new identity, the gazetto enables you to take the next step with confidence and certainty.

Additional Notes:

  • This article contains general information and does not replace legal advice.
  • Specific rules and procedures may be different based on specific situations.
  • Think about including contact information as well as hyperlinks to government websites for additional assistance.

Be aware that the procedure might be difficult and overwhelming, but with the right information and guidance to regain your identity the process of changing your name to a gazette can be a pleasant and rewarding experience.

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