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Ironing for Different Clothing Types: Shirts, Dresses, and More

Ironing for Different Clothing Types

When you’re about to iron your precious fabrics, there’s one thing you must keep in mind as a reminder which is the type of fabric. No matter how easy the task looks, one single mistake can ruin your entire outfit and for that, you must read the instructions first which are mentioned on the clothing label to avoid all the hurdles.

But, in case you do not have enough time to iron your clothes at home or your equipment is malfunctioning, then why don’t you avail the benefit of high-quality ironing services in Amsterdam? The way those professional individuals will iron your clothes would be next level and most importantly, keep your clothes safe from getting burned or ruined.

However, if you want to learn the proper method for ironing different shirts and dresses, then below are some instructions you must follow. So, let’s have a look:

Cotton Outfit

Cotton outfits are one of the most common and used fabrics not only because of the colour but also the comfort and flexibility it provides people when they wear them which means that when the time comes to iron cotton fabric, you must know at least a thing or two to avoid damaging it.

So, when you’re about to iron your cotton shirt, sprinkle some water as it’ll make the surface damp and you can remove all the wrinkles from your shirt with ease. When you switch on your iron, set the heat temperature to medium, not too high or too low if you want a perfect result and pay extra attention to the collars and cuffs of your shirt while applying the iron.

Silk Fabrics

Everyone will understand just by reading the name how delicate and sensitive silk dresses are and mostly, women’s dresses are manufactured from the fabric and ironing them with proper instructions is the only available option or else your hard work will go in vain.

But don’t get confused, the solution is simple. When switching on your iron, set the temperature setting to low or you can put a cloth in front to protect the overall texture. Remember to turn the fabric inside out first then start ironing because if you forget to do so, then all the design and colour of silk will sustain a serious damage.

Wool Clothes

Mostly, men’s jeans are manufactured from wool and the important thing to keep in mind is that the fabric is vulnerable to heat which means even a slight distraction while ironing it can cause you a dangerous outcome, not that you’ve imagined of. So, the solution to this problem is to use your iron in a low-heat setting.

Furthermore, spray some water on the outer part of the wool fabric so it’ll give you a damp surface. Now comes the interesting part, which is that wool fabric must not contact heat directly for which, you can put a piece of cloth between the iron and wool fabric one more thing, don’t leave your iron in one place for too long if you want to save it from scorching.

Polyester Fabrics

Just like wool and silk, polyester fabrics are also prone to high heat and if not taken immediate action the entire polyester outfit can get ruined and no one wants that to happen. But don’t worry, there’s a solution for it, you can use your iron on a low to medium heat setting but remember, without the steam.

Now, when you’re gliding the iron on the polyester, don’t apply extra force, a gentle approach is all your precious fabric requires but if the condition of your polyester dress requires extra pressure, you can do it only when you’ve placed a cloth in between the iron and the polyester fabric.

Additional Techniques to Follow

Now that you’ve learned proper ways to iron different fabrics without hesitation, you can also follow some additional techniques to put an amazing touch to the process which you can read below:

  • Rolling Technique

You might find it rare or unusual but rolling your delicate outfits like silk and wool before ironing them can save you from a lot of trouble and mishaps. But, if you’re thinking that the process is complicated, well, it’s not. 

You just need to roll the garment in a cylindrical shape and start gliding the iron on the edges as it’ll reduce the chances of your clothes getting damaged.

  • Spray and Steaming

Steaming your fabrics while ironing them can turn out to be one of the most effective techniques especially if your outfit is filled with wrinkles. You just need to make a minor adjustment which is to fill up your iron with distilled water as it stops the flow of mineral deposits. 

Before You Go


Learning the art of ironing outfits manufactured from different fabrics is truly a remarkable achievement. You cannot imagine how easy your life can be with such average skills. However, many people lack this talent and mostly end up ruining their clothes.

But now, you can say goodbye to such problems because below are the proper instructions mentioned for each fabric when it comes to ironing them. 

For example, if you’re ironing cotton, then the temperature should be high with a little sprinkle of water and for delicate fabrics like polyester & silk, the heat temperature should be low and the clothes should be turned inside out.

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