Bong Rips for Beginners: Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started

Opting for bong rips as opposed to dry hits is probably one best decisions you can make as a smoking newbie. As you introduce yourself to the weed smoking ritual, taking smoother hits is a good way to start the journey. Smoother hits are kinder to the throat and lungs, and bongs give you just that. Using a smoking bong is also one of the safest ways to ingest cannabis. You can always trust water filtration to get rid of molecules and bacteria from the smoke. This ensures that what you inhale is clean and safe for your health. In this article, we give special focus on bongs, how to assemble and inhale as well as key tips for smoking as a beginner.

Understanding the different parts of a bong

Bong smoking can look complicated for a beginner, but once you understand how a bong works it becomes easier. Your standard bong comes with four main parts. They include:

  • Chamber – This is the part of the bong where the smoke accumulates
  • Mouthpiece – This is the part where your lips go as you take hits
  • Bowl – This part holds your herb for lighting
  • Downstem – The pipe or tube that transports the smoke from the bowl to the base of the bong

To get the best experience, consider choosing glass bongs for smoking. Glass is good because it is a non-combustible and non-porous material. This means that it doesn’t alter the taste of the smoke, unlike other materials such as plastic, wood, or clay.

How to light and use a bong

Using a bong can be quite tricky for beginners. Before you get discouraged for not getting it right the first time, be sure that you’re likely to get better with each experience. Moreover, following these steps keenly can ensure success even as a newbie.

Fill the chamber with water

Using the mouthpiece or the downstem, pour in water into your bong. If you aren’t sure about the amount, just make sure that the downstem is submerged about half an inch into the water. Adding in more water might cause a splash on you. You can test whether the water level is good by pulling with your mouth before lighting the stem.

Fill the bowl with the cannabis

Place your herb on the bowl for lighting. Keep in mind that grounded cannabis produces better rips. It is also easier to light when it is fine. Make sure to use a grinder or your fingers to grind it down. However, put bigger pieces at the bottom to hold the finer pieces. Also, don’t pack too much of it as it can be a challenge when lighting.

Light the bowl

Put your lips on the mouthpiece to create a seal while using your non-dominant hand to hold the bong. With the other hand, light the bowl using a lighter. Start inhaling to fill the chamber with smoke. Once enough smoke has accumulated in the chamber, put off the lighter.

Start inhaling from the chamber

You will need to remove the bowl from the downstem to start inhaling the smoke from the chamber to your lungs. Use your palm as a sealer to the mouthpiece once you remove your mouth. Hold the smoke for a few seconds and exhale it to the air. Repeat the process until you have inhaled all the smoke from the chamber. If you haven’t reached your desired effect, light the bowl again and continue until you are satisfied.

Important beginner tips for smoking cannabis

Smoking weed doesn’t start and stop at understanding how to use a smoking bong. Other important insights can ensure that you are smoking properly as well as smoothen your journey as you gain experience. Some top tips include:

Observe weed etiquette – It is important to observe a few rules especially when smoking in social settings. For starters, refrain from sharing a bong when you are sick. It would also be nice to avoid exhaling smoke into peoples’ faces and do so to the air or window

Smoke properly – You are going to experience coughing while smoking weed, but proper smoking can reduce this side effect. Take smaller hits, inhale and exhale slowly. Hold the smoke in for a few seconds and not longer. Also, be sure to wait a minute between inhales to give your lungs a break to recuperate

Use an ice and ash catchers – Ice cools the smoke further, which leads to less brutal hits. This is something that you can use to enjoy the added filtration. For ash catchers, they prevent ash particles from falling in the water or splashing to your mouth.


A smoking bong is your to-go for tool if you want smoother hits for a start. As long as you follow the detailed steps, you don’t have to be scared about getting it wrong. Keep in mind that you are going to perfect the art of using a bong as time goes. Also, practice your breathing to improve on your inhaling and exhaling. And don’t forget to use proper etiquette when doing it in social gatherings.

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