5 Essential Tips for Sending Birthday Flowers

Sending Birthday Flowers

Finding the right birthday gift can be a challenge, but a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers is always a safe bet to show someone how much you care. At FloraMamma, we offer a wide variety of birthday flowers that are sure to delight your family and friends on their special day.

The best choice is to select a bouquet filled with the recipient’s favourite flowers. If you’re unsure of their preferences, you can opt for flowers in their favourite colour. And if you’re still unsure, don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here are five helpful tips to guide you in selecting the perfect birthday flowers.

Find the Perfect Bouquet: Match the Blooms to Birth Month!

Discover the perfect match between bouquets and the recipient’s birth month flower. Uncover the fascinating fact that each month in the calendar is associated with a unique flower, each carrying its own special significance.

When sending birthday flowers, consider selecting a floral arrangement that showcases the flower associated with the recipient’s birth month. Choose vibrant colours or opt for the larger blooms to make it truly remarkable.

Choose the Perfect Floral Ensemble to Match Their Unique Personality

Select a floral ensemble that reflects the recipient’s unique personality. Before the advent of letters, emails, and text messages, the language of flowers, known as floriography, was used to convey thoughts and emotions. Flowers possess a special lexicon that allows for symbolic communication. By embracing floriography, you can uncover someone’s true essence.

For individuals who exude passion and romance, the Rose, the quintessential flower of love, serves as the perfect representation. If you seek to honour someone brimming with energy, known for spreading warmth and optimism, Daisies make an ideal floral gift. When in need of birthday flowers for someone possessing an air of mystery and elegance, consider selecting orchids, tulips, or gardenias.

Embrace the art of floriography and let the language of flowers speak volumes about the people you cherish.


Express Your Birthday Wishes with a Stunning Flower Arrangement

Choose a flower arrangement that perfectly conveys your birthday message to the recipient. Let the bouquet you send represent your heartfelt wishes. Send peonies to wish someone a year filled with surprises. Brighten their birthday with a cheerful bouquet of sunflowers. Convey wishes of prosperity and success with pink stargazer lilies. For wishes of healing and tranquility, opt for a birthday bouquet adorned with blue hydrangeas.

Experience the Artistry: Embrace the Florist’s Choice!

Rely on the creative expertise of a professional and select the Florist’s Choice. Need assistance in choosing the perfect birthday bouquet? Opt for our designer’s choice and allow our local florist to create a unique and exquisite flower arrangement for your loved one. This bouquet will feature the finest and freshest flowers and foliage of the season.

The Perfect Pair: Bouquet, Wine, and Chocolates Combo!

If you’re still unsure about getting the right birthday flowers, get a bouquet paired with a bottle of red or white wine. White On White also has bouquets accompanied with a box of luscious chocolates, creating a delightful chocolate bouquet. This way, you get to send two gifts and double the impact of your birthday gift.

While cut flowers may not endure indefinitely like other tangible birthday gifts, their natural allure and expressive language will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. Treat yourself to a stunning bouquet of carefully selected birthday flowers today and surprise your loved ones through

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