Top 10 Chef Cooking Games You Need to Play

Bored of playing violent action role-playing games? A break will help you declutter your mind. Maybe even a gaming detox! But if you want to explore some cerebral games, the cooking and chef game genre has some exciting stuff. There are some hidden Google games in the cooking genre that’ll blow your mind.

Are Chef cooking games boring?

The gaming universe is immense and the choices are aplenty. Most gamers are inclined toward ARPGs but they have yet to explore the stimulating world of chef cooking games. These hidden Google games are some of the most interesting gems in the minefield of the World Wide Web!

Contrary to popular perception, chef cooking games are not just about cooking. It’s only a part of it. The games are often elaborately paced with different challenging levels that test your critical thinking ability. They test your creativity, your speed, your time-management skills, and even your knowledge of geography! The top chef cooking games put you through an international cuisine challenge and you’ll need to bring on your A-game to excel!

Popular chef cooking games online

There are some extremely popular top chef cooking games you can play for free. Let’s take a look at some of these games below: 


1 . Cooking Fever

This game is about progressive cooking challenges in shrinking time blocks. It’s a highly addictive time-management cooking game. It has over 1000 levels to keep you engrossed! The game challenges you with different cooking tasks where the time and the number of ingredients are specified. Cooking Fever takes you to 27 unique locations and gives you multiple kitchen appliances to choose from.

(Cook various cuisines in your own restaurant in a race against time)

2 . Top Chef: The Game

Did you enjoy the show Top Chef? Then you’ll enjoy the game as well. If you rue the fact that you couldn’t meet Padma Lakshmi on the show, try your luck as a contestant in this game! There are Quickfire challenges and elimination rounds in the game just like the original show. You’ll have to come up with creative dishes in a specified time based on the limited ingredients at your disposal.

(Play this popular chef game based on the hit US reality show Top Chef)

3 . Cooking Crush

Are you looking for a channel to showcase your cooking talent? If yes, you’ll love the interface of the Cooking Crush game. The gaming controls are simple and the food animations are quite realistic. The game has an interesting feature where you can vie for the attention of cute customers. The sound effects are soothing and the gaming rewards are well thought-out.

(Practice your cooking skills in this simple and entertaining cooking game)

4 . Cooking Simulator

If you thrive on making elaborate meals in a limited time frame, this game is for you. The Cooking Simulator is an entertaining game where you can make a virtual mess on the cooking platform while cooking your favorite dish. It’s a whole lot of fun to simulate the chopping of veggies, slicing meat, blending stuff, and frying items.

(Get a virtual yet real-life cooking experience with the Cooking Simulator game)

5 . Diner Dash

The Diner Dash franchise is a renowned name in the cooking games genre. This game has everything – an exciting backstory and an elaborate gameplay. It even has an Indian Goddess! Diner Dash traces the story of an unhappy finance professional called Flo who builds a chain of restaurants by the dint of her hard work.

(Get immersed in this popular cooking story-enriched game)

6 . Epic Chef

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most epic chef in Ambrosia town? Play the Epic Chef game to find out! If you have what it takes to build a rags-to-riches journey of a chef, this game will keep you absorbed. Check out this superb story-oriented adventure cooking game that’s filled with interactive cooking challenges and comedic elements.

(Epic Chef is a highly creative game that keeps you entertained and makes you laugh)

7 . Food Truck Simulator

Want a hands-on experience before you start your food truck business? Try the Food Truck Simulator game, it may just be the push you need to start your venture. The game appeals to your emotions, to restore a food truck that once belonged to your father. It exhorts you to renovate your father’s food truck, make it brand new, and rebuild a flourishing food business.

(Play the Food Truck Simulator to learn the nuances of a street food business)

8 . Crazy Chef: Cooking Race

If you feel you have the talent and heart of a gourmet chef, you shouldn’t miss out on the Crazy Chef game. It’s a fast-paced cooking race where you have to use the food items and kitchenware to cross each level strategically. Once you start playing the game you’ll be immersed. The gameplay is easy, the reward system is cool, and the interface is fluid.

(The Crazy Chef game is a brilliant time-bound cooking game. Don’t miss it!)

9 . Overcooked

Embrace the chaos in a cooking world where time is of the essence and your job is on the line! Overcooked is both a single and multi-player game (up to 4 players) where you have to cook a variety of dishes for your customers before they skedaddle! It’s a bizarre cooking 

realm where nothing but chaos prevails and collaboration is a must.

(If you’re ready to take a chaotic cooking challenge, then the Overcooked game is for you)

10 . Street Food: Master Chef

Street Food: Master Chef is a real test of your international cuisine awareness. The game pits you in various street food challenges where you would have to cook street foods from different parts of the world. From hot dogs and tortillas to bagels and shawarma, these challenges are increasingly fun and attractive.

(Street Food brings you the best of international cuisine to give you a cross-cultural experience)

Key Takeaway

If you’re up for some cooking simulation exercises, you’ll be pleased to know there are some awesome top chef cooking games online. These games will bring your creative talent to the fore. These time-bound immersive games are a cool way to pass some free time and learn something new during the process. Check out some of these hidden Google games mentioned above and start playing.


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