Top 10 ui ux design companies in india

Ever wondered how Uber or Ola manages to provide a seamless, interactive and user-friendly experience through their app? It’s all thanks to their UI/UX design.

So, what is UI/UX design? 

User Interface (UI) simply refers to the actual elements with which a user interacts. User Experience (UX) refers to the entire process or journey the user goes through when interacting with your product or service.

In our technology-driven era, where several websites and apps cater to every conceivable need, it becomes necessary for companies to prioritize delivering an exceptional user experience.

When it comes to providing the best experience, understanding the consumers’ pain points, and providing high-end user interface and immersive experience become important factors that can’t be overlooked. The best websites or apps have unparalleled UI/UX designs, thanks to some of the top-notch UX/UI design companies. 

In a pool of numerous competitive UX/UI design companies, it can be challenging to choose an agency that aligns with your brand’s vision. So, to make your research more efficient we’ve enlisted top 10 agencies in India that you can collaborate with.

Top 10 UI UX Design Companies

Onething Design stands as an award winning ui ux design agency, renowned for its excellence in delivering end-to-end solutions, encompassing product development and branding. At its core, Onething designs experiences tailored for the evolving human landscape, ensuring businesses stay ahead of the curve. Their mission revolves around enhancing global accessibility, refining interactions, elevating user satisfaction, and igniting business growth. Backed by a prestigious clientele including industry giants such as BoAt, Coca-Cola, Leverage Edu, and Nuego, they specialize in crafting performance-driven solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Onething Design is an award winning UI/UX design agency, crafting transformative digital experiences that redefine the way people interact with the digital world. With a focus on driving impact for leading organizations, they specialize in crafting integrated customer experiences to drive business growth. Their belief in the power of empathy, data, and insights fuels their process of researching, strategizing, designing, and developing experiences that keep businesses ahead of the curve. With a portfolio boasting 150+ brands across 25+ industries, including Coke, Airtel, and Royal Enfield, Onething continues to push the boundaries of design excellence. 

  • Lollypop Design 

With centres in USA, UAE, India and Vietnam, Lollypop Design is a global UI/UX design company that curates experiences that users fall in love with. 

Lollypop Design is a full-stack design-to-development solution provider that empowers enterprises to forge ahead with future-ready products that redefine industry standards. Their research-driven methodology is at the forefront of digital innovation, catalyzing transformative business outcomes for enterprises worldwide. 

  • Clay Global 

Based in San Francisco, Clay Global stands as a distinguished UI/UX design company, dedicated to crafting transformative digital experiences for some of the world’s most renowned brands, including industry giants like Amazon, Uber, and Coca-Cola. 

The company strategically integrates cutting-edge AI technologies to optimize processes and elevate digital products to new heights. Renowned for its unparalleled ability to seamlessly blend aesthetics with behavioral science, the agency consistently delivers exceptional digital solutions that resonate with users profoundly. 

  • F1 Studioz

F1 Studios is a dynamic experience design and product strategy firm dedicated to digitally transforming customer experiences. With their expertise and your vision, they bring ideas to life through effective business models and a dedicated core team that fosters trust and flexibility. 

Adhering to transparent processes and leveraging the right tools, the company drives smoother engagements while empathizing with your business needs for long-term success.

  • Aufait UX

Aufait UX, headquartered in India, stands as a premier UX/UI design company leading the charge in crafting exceptional user experiences and interfaces for enterprises and startups worldwide. Founded on a bedrock of passion, purpose, and technical prowess, Aufait UX has swiftly developed impressive clientele including Fortune 100 companies and innovative startups, reflecting their commitment to quality and accessibility in UI/UX design. 

With a mission to democratize quality UI/UX services for businesses of all sizes, Aufait UX bridges functionality and aesthetics seamlessly, leveraging a diverse team of designers to create delightful and easy digital experiences. 

  • NetBramha Studios

NetBramha, a full-service experience (UI/UX) Strategy and Design studio, with a rich legacy of 15 years, pioneering design-led transformations for Fortune 500 companies and emerging startups, some of which have ascended to unicorn status. With a global footprint across 20+ countries, their innovative approach has touched over 1 billion users across diverse domains from Fintech to Life Sciences. 

Committed to fostering design thinking, they founded DesignDay, a not-for-profit design community. NetBramha envisions scaling design impact to positively influence 100% of the world’s population, driven by their passion for design, gastronomy, and adventure.

  • ProCreator

ProCreator is a distinguished global UX/UI design company, revolutionizing the digital sphere with innovative, user-centric design solutions. With a portfolio spanning over 150 businesses across 20+ industries, their team of 60+ professionals combines artistic flair with technical expertise to create captivating digital experiences. 

By prioritizing end-user needs and leveraging the latest technology, ProCreator delivers data-driven designs that exceed expectations. They advocate for the transformative power of exceptional UI/UX, aligning products with functional essence to drive progressive business growth. 

  • Ungrammary

Based in Mumbai, India, Ungrammary is an exceptional team of UX designers and creative professionals specializes in crafting ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing user experiences for digital products. With a keen understanding of agile development processes, they collaborate seamlessly with product and development teams to deliver outstanding results. 

Renowned for their expertise in UX design for consumer apps, enterprise, and SaaS applications, this user experience design agency is dedicated to creating digital products that customers will love. From user research to UX/UI design, they offer comprehensive solutions tailored to meet your specific needs and exceed expectations.

  • Netbraintech

Netbraintech is a premier team of innovators, seamlessly translating conventional business concepts into comprehensive digital solutions through the implementation of cutting-edge strategies. Their tried-and-tested digital methodologies adhere to industry best practices, offering accessible solutions that resonate with audiences worldwide. With a commitment to excellence, they leverage advanced techniques to deliver robust solutions that meet the evolving needs of businesses in today’s digital landscape.

  • Goprotoz

With 10+ years of experience, Goprotoz is one of the top UI/UX company operating in India, USA and Germany. GoProtoz goes above and beyond to deeply understand each client’s business and envision the end user’s persona, shaping their design process accordingly to bring products to life. Embracing a policy of boundless creativity, they reject limitations to foster expansive thinking and drive effectiveness. 

By eliminating barriers, the company empowers their team to think big and deliver exceptional products that exceed expectations. With a commitment to unrestricted innovation, they consistently break new ground and push the boundaries of what’s possible in UI/UX design.


In conclusion, the realm of UI/UX design is dynamic and ever-evolving, with strategies and approaches that may vary greatly depending on specific business objectives. Therefore, it’s imperative to choose an agency that aligns closely with your unique goals and vision. The top UI/UX design companies mentioned in this blog offer a combination of creativity, technical expertise, and client-centric approaches to ensure the delivery of exceptional design solutions tailored to meet diverse business needs. By partnering with one of these industry-leading firms, businesses can effectively elevate their brand, streamline user experiences, and ultimately drive growth and success in today’s competitive digital landscape.


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