Promotional gifts as a tool to improve your visibility at the fair

In the world of business, attending trade fairs is an invaluable platform for making strategic connections, showcasing products or services and raising your company’s profile. But to maximise your impact at these events, you need to take a considered approach. 

One effective strategy to increase your visibility is to use promotional and corporate gifts thoughtfully. These thoughtfully chosen advertising materials are not just tools, but powerful instruments to promote your brand.

Here’s how these “little things” can strengthen your brand image and help you stand out from the crowd.

Why go to a fair?

A trade fair is an important opportunity for companies to showcase their skills, make contacts and present their products or services. An important part of this experience is, of course, advertising. Promotional gifts are a unique form of this type of advertising and can be the secret weapon for the success of your trade fair presentation, if used correctly of course. 

Why are promotional gifts so important?

Promotional materials in particular help to generate interest. But how do they achieve this? By offering something tangible that attracts attention. Whether it’s a pen in your company’s colours or an innovative keyring with your logo, these little gifts instantly catch the eye of passers-by. They create a positive and memorable first impression of your brand.

Second, these objects are permanent. Unlike a normal advert, which only lasts a few seconds on TV or the internet, an advertising item stays in place and reminds people of your brand every time they use it. In the long term, this helps raise awareness and recognition of your brand, while strengthening relationships with potential and existing customers.

Simply put, promotional items are much more than just gifts. They are real communication tools that can help you make the most of the fair.

Trends in promotional materials for professional events

Current trends in promotional products for trade fairs are constantly evolving. Sustainability and eco-responsibility are at the top of the list. Companies are increasingly striving to offer promotional products that reflect their values and give a positive image of their brand. This is why eco-friendly products such as bamboo pens, reusable water bottles and cotton canvas bags are all the rage.

Another trend that should not be overlooked is that of usability. Promotional items that customers use in their everyday lives have the greatest impact. For example, USB sticks or notebooks are items that customers are likely to use regularly, giving your business constant visibility.

Originality is also highly valued. Unique and creative promotional materials are the most memorable and the most likely to be retained by customers. Items such as illuminated key rings or heat-sensitive mugs can make a big difference at a trade fair.

However, the choice of advertising products must be strategic and well thought out. It must reflect your company’s image and the values you want to convey. Remember: a successful promotional item is one that makes an impression, is useful and lasts!

How can you attract more visitors to your trade fair stand?

A very effective strategy to attract a large number of visitors to your stand is to use appropriate promotional gifts. Who doesn’t like gifts, especially if they are practical and original? This is a timeless advertising trick.

That’s why promotional items are an essential marketing tool for your business. Not only do they promote your business, but they also help to establish a positive bond with your future customers. The quality of the items is very important.

When choosing, opt for items that you will use often, such as notebooks, pots and even backpacks. These moving advertisements will highlight your brand with every use, while reflecting the quality of your company.

Don’t hesitate to think outside the box and choose products that stand out from the crowd. This can help your stand stand out and attract even more visitors. For example, you could offer virtual reality headsets with an engraved logo or pens with original options such as a USB stick

The best promotional materials for attracting attention at trade fairs

When it comes to attracting attention at a trade fair, the choice of promotional items depends on a number of factors, such as the target audience, your company’s sector of activity and your promotional objectives. However, here are some ideas for popular and effective items:

  • Ballpoint pens: pens are classic promotional items, but that doesn’t make them any less effective. Choose good quality pens with your logo and contact details.
  • Collar straps: choose colours and patterns that reflect your corporate identity and consider adding additional features such as card holders, key rings or phone clips to increase usability and perceived value.
  • Shopping bags: reusable bags are very popular and useful. Choose good quality, durable and environmentally friendly models.
  • Technological gadgets: USB sticks, wheat-fibre headphones, bamboo phone holders and other technological gadgets can be very useful items.
  • Promotional textiles: printed promotional T-shirts, microfibre cloths, personalised caps and other textiles with your company logo are often very popular.
  • Fun items: puzzles, brain games, printed stress balls and other attention-grabbing items.
  • Desk accessories: items such as pen holders, mouse pads, notepads and calendars can be useful in the office and increase your brand awareness.
  • Eco-friendly products: opt for eco-friendly products such as reusable water bottles, eco-friendly promotional pots, notebooks made from recycled paper and even seeds for sowing.

Remember to tailor your choice according to your budget, the importance of your brand and make sure the items you choose reflect positively on your company.

Personalised promotional items: an advantage at trade fairs


Personalisation of promotional gifts is an important advantage at trade fairs, as it allows for differentiation and increased visibility. Personalise promotional items such as pens, key rings or bags with your company logo, slogan or colours to create a distinctive visual identity. This will allow trade fair visitors to quickly identify your brand among the crowd of exhibitors present.

Personalisation also increases brand recall, as participants leave with items that clearly recall the company and the event. These items are a constant reminder of the brand’s presence and over time help to build awareness and recognition of the company.

In conclusion, the strategic use of promotional items is a unique opportunity to maximise your company’s visibility at trade fairs. These promotional materials not only convey your message, but also create memorable connections with your potential clients and prospective customers. 

By investing wisely in relevant, high-quality promotional items, you can establish a distinctive presence, build brand awareness and generate lasting interest, while making the most of the opportunities trade fairs offer and ensuring your long-term business success.

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