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Four clever ways to create extra storage space at home

Four clever ways to create extra storage space at home

Accumulating “things” in life is inevitable. Whether we need them all or not is another matter. Either way, the more we get, the less room we have to keep everything. A lack of storage space is a challenge for many people, particularly in smaller homes. But it doesn’t have to be something that holds you back.

Here are some clever ways to free up storage space so you can keep your home nice and tidy.

Make the most of vertical space

Many Brits struggle to store everything in homes with small footprints, which makes it so important to make the most of vertical space. However, many people still underutilise it.

Installing shelves and tall cabinets can transform previously unused wall areas into valuable storage solutions, combatting a lack of floor space. And, better still, they can bring some aesthetic charm to usually barren surfaces.

Don’t forget to consider spaces around doors and windows. Floating shelves offer a sleek, modern look, while wall-mounted cabinets hide clutter behind closed doors, keeping your living areas neat.

Opt for multifunctional furniture

Adding more furniture isn’t usually an option if you’ve got a small living space. But you can replace existing units with multifunctional ones.This could be a game-changer for you and your home.

Ottomans with hidden compartments, beds with built-in storage and coffee tables with additional shelves can be invaluable in holding all the bits and bobs that don’t have another place to call home.

Multifunctional furniture is practical and adds to your storage capacity without requiring extra floor space. Use it wisely!

Declutter your existing storage

Sometimes the solution you’re looking for is right in front of your very eyes. If your existing storage spaces, such as wardrobes, cupboards, drawers and cubby holes, are filled with clutter, the best approach is to declutter them and free up valuable room.

Take to your wardrobe with an unforgiving mind and consider what you will and won’t realistically wear. Sort through kitchen cupboards to remove old, unused accessories and crockery. And finally get around to clearing out that space under the stairs that’s been taunting you for ages.

A few items thrown away, donated or sold can make all the difference in freeing up room around your home.

Embrace hidden spaces

Most homes in the UK have nooks and crannies which can be transformed into valuable storage spaces. For example, areas under the stairs are the ideal candidate to be enhanced with fitted drawers or shelving units.

Alternatively, a loft space can be kitted out with robust storage units to provide plenty of space for things that don’t need to be accessed daily. And don’t forget all those tricky corners around the home – these make for some of the best storage solutions!



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