Why Paint by Numbers in Australia is the Perfect Quarantine Activity

Leisure activities that are both mentally stimulating and relaxing are becoming more and more necessary in these unpredictable times. Now, for the nostalgic yet currently popular pastime of Paint by Numbers in Australia, a creative platform that makes art accessible to anyone. This easy activity has become popular again, and painters of all experience levels find comfort in the disciplined yet freeing aspects of it.

The History

With the introduction of Paint by Numbers (PBN) kits in the mid-1950s, people’s interaction with art was altered. At the heart of the PBN revival is its ability to connect us with a simpler era. The current climate – where social interaction is limited, and serenity is at a premium – echoes the reasons why PBN was embraced decades ago. For those of us who crave the peacefulness of yesteryear, PBN offers both a hands-on hobby and a stepping stone to the artwork we once admired only from afar.

The Psychological Perks

Engaging with art can have therapeutic effects, and the same applies to PBN. It combines the benefits of mindfulness – focusing on the present moment – with the satisfaction of seeing a project through completion. The process of matching colours and filling in spaces can be as calming as it is joyful. According to researchers, activities like PBN can reduce anxiety and increase self-esteem by providing a sense of accomplishment, especially for those who might shy away from traditional forms of art.

Creative Without the Pressure

One of the most intimidating barriers to entry for art is the ‘blank canvas syndrome’. PBN kits provide an approachable means for anyone to paint without the pressure of the ‘what’ and ‘how’. The outline and corresponding numbered colours act like training wheels, guiding individuals through the painting process. This structured approach allows for creativity within a set framework, making it the perfect activity for those who want to flex their artistic muscles without feeling overwhelmed.

A Sense of Achievement

Despite its name, painting by numbers is not about numbers; rather, it’s about the beauty that appears as you work. A tangible sensation of accomplishment sweeps over you as you get closer to the finish line. Every brushstroke is a step towards creating a work of art. Regardless of the painting’s complexity, finishing it provides a physical reminder that you are more talented than you may have realized and serves as visual proof of your newly discovered artistic accomplishment.

A Social Spin

While art is often seen as a personal pursuit, PBN has social potential, even during quarantine. Family kits or virtual paint nights provide avenues for sharing the joy of creation and can become a communal activity across generations. Shared experiences, even those had in front of a screen, can strengthen bonds and lessen feelings of loneliness during a period of isolation.

Creative Growth and Adaptation

A common misconception is that PBN stifles originality. On the contrary, it acts as a springboard for growth and adaptation. Beginners can learn about colour theory and mixing, while advanced practitioners can explore different painting techniques. Some enthusiasts have even started with PBN before branching out into their original works, showing that there’s a path from following numbers to creating freely.

The Art of Patience

PBN teaches the often-neglected skill of patience in a world where fast-paced lifestyles and rapid pleasure are the norm. The layers of paint you apply and the time spent waiting for each one to dry before proceeding force a slower, more deliberate approach. This newfound patience cultivated through PBN can extend to other areas of life, resulting in a more measured and less stressed-out lifestyle.

Exploring New Territories

PBN kits often feature a variety of subjects, from landscapes to animals, and famous artworks to custom portraits. This variety can lead to learning and appreciation for subjects you may not have explored otherwise. Furthermore, each subject presents different colour schemes and challenges, so every PBN project is an opportunity to broaden your artistic horizons.

The Affordable Artistry

The resurgence of PBN is also a win for art accessibility. Most kits come with the necessary materials, meaning you need not invest a small fortune before you have a finished product. In a world where ‘affordable art’ is becoming an oxymoron, PBN acts as a democratizing force, offering an avenue for creative expression that is both enjoyable and economically viable.

A Colourful Conclusion

The attributes that make Paint by Numbers in Australia the perfect quarantine activity are both varied and valuable. It’s the perfect indoor activity for anyone looking for a meaningful way to kill time because of its blend of nostalgia, psychological advantages, accessibility, and creative potential. PBN offers a rainbow of reasons to take up a brush, whether your goal is to learn a new skill or to relax after a hard day.

It’s a picture-perfect exercise to slow down, breathe, and be present in the moment, as PBN urges us to do in this digital age that frequently leaves us feeling disoriented and anxious.

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