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9 facts About filtered water

9 facts About filtered water

9 facts About filtered water

Did you know that the water coming out of your tap contains more than just water? There may be contaminants like chemicals, metals, and microbes that you can’t see or taste. These impurities can affect your health if consumed over time. That’s why drinking filtered water is a smart choice.

Filter water is a water that is specially treated by using a water filter to make it completely clean and safe. In this blog post, we will cover 9 facts about drinking filtered water.

9 Facts About Drinking Filtered Water

We all know that drinking water is important for our health. But did you know that filtering your water can make it even better for you? Filtered water removes things that can make us sick. Let’s learn more!

  1. Removal of Contaminants

Drinking filtered water is healthy because filters take out contaminants that can be in water supplies. Contaminants are things like chemicals, metals, and microbes that should not be in water. Filters catch these contaminants so they don’t get into our bodies.

Removing contaminants helps protect us from getting an upset stomach or other illnesses from things in the water. Staying hydrated with filtered water can help you feel your best.

  1. Improved Taste

Filtered water doesn’t just remove things that can make you sick, it can make your water taste better too. Some contaminants can give water funny smells or tastes that aren’t very pleasing. Filters screen out these contaminants so all you taste is clear, clean water.

Kids especially may drink more water if it has a nicer taste. And drinking enough water is important as it keeps your body functioning properly. So, using a filter helps in more ways than one.

  1. Health Benefits

Filtered water gives you health perks besides just getting rid of germs. Filters take out chemicals that aren’t so nice for your body, like chlorine in tap water. Experts found chlorine in large amounts could cause issues.

Some minerals removed by filters may also cause problems if you drink too much. Filtering helps your overall wellness. So, along with better taste and safety, clean filtered water positively affects you in really good ways by supporting your good health.

  1. Environmental Impact

The water we drink comes from somewhere, and treating and transporting it uses resources. Filters help the environment too by reducing waste. When contaminants are filtered from water before it’s used, that means less chemicals and particles end up back in our water supplies.

This keeps pollution out of lakes, rivers, and oceans. Filters also allow us to reuse water multiple times before replacing the filter. So, they help conserve water resources for both people and wildlife. Clean,filtered water is important for all living things.

  1. Improved Hydration

Drinking clean, filtered water can help you stay hydrated. Your body needs water to function properly. When you don’t drink enough water, you may feel tired or get headaches. Drinking filtered water is better than plain tap water or drinks with sugar.

Filters remove chemicals and impurities, so you get pure H2O. Making sure to drink water throughout the day helps your body in many ways.

  1. Improved Kidney Function

Your kidneys work super hard all the time to keep your body clean. But yucky stuff like chemicals or minerals in unfiltered water means your kidneys have to work even harder to get rid of those impurities.

A water filter takes the garbage out before you drink it. Then your kidneys don’t have to try so hard! They can focus on staying in good shape. Drinking filtered water is easier on your kidneys and lets them do their job of keeping you healthy way better.

  1. Strengthened Immune System

Your immune system works hard every day to keep you healthy. But when you don’t drink enough clear water, it has to work overtime. Filtered water hydrates you better than other drinks. This allows your immune cells to move freely around your body to fight germs.

Filtered water also helps flush bacteria out of your system before they can make you sick. Getting your daily recommended amount of filtered tap water supports your lymphatic system and helps your body make antibodies. A stronger immune system means you’ll be better protected against colds and flu.

  1. Healthier Hair and Skin

Drinking lots of filtered water is also good for your hair, skin, and nails. Water keeps them hydrated, so they look better. When you’re dehydrated, your skin can look dry or dull.

But water helps skin stay fresh and hair soft. Drinking the right amount of H2O every day and limiting soda or sugary drinks helps your whole body look its best on the outside and inside, too!

  1. Decreased Risk of Certain Cancers

Some stuff in unfiltered water isn’t good for you. Chemicals like arsenic and chlorine have been linked to certain cancers if you consume them frequently over the years. Water filters help block these risky chemicals from getting into your body through drinking water.

You may lower your chance of developing cancers from long-term exposure to these substances by choosing filtered water instead of straight from the tap whenever you can. It’s an easy change that could benefit your health in the long term.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there health benefits associated with drinking filtered water?



Yes, there are certainly health benefits to drinking filtered water. Filters remove impurities that can negatively impact your body over time.

Choosing filtered water helps support proper hydration, kidney function, immune health, and may even lower your risk for certain cancers according to research. It’s a simple swap that can pay off for your long-term wellness.

Can filtered water improve the taste and odor of tap water?

Yes, using a water filter can definitely improve the taste and smell of tap water. Some contaminants can leave an unpleasant flavor or odor that filters effectively remove.

Filtering produces cleaner, clearer water that is simply more pleasing to drink. Many people find they consume more water when it tastes better, which aids hydration and overall health.

Final Words:

Drinking filtered water provides several health benefits over unfiltered tap water. It removes contaminants, improves taste and hydration, and supports kidney and immune function. Choosing filtered water is an easy way to stay healthier and lower your risk of water-related illnesses.

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